One Day From Home


On Wednesday, we had a consulate appointment to bring Kate home.  It was fun.  Just kidding.  It was really boring.  After that, we went to the Pearl Market.  Mom and Dad bought me some jade.  If you don’t know about jade, it’s a stone that varies in color from white to dark green – and lots of different shades of green in between.  The piece I got is a circle that’s mostly light green with some dark green spots.  Jade is what China calls their treasure.  I think we call our treasure gold in America.

Next we went to Shamian Island.  It’s mostly a shopping place, but there is a park there and a lot, lot, lot of statues.  I liked it.  I bought a noise maker fan, a scroll with the word “Sophia” written in both Chinese and English, and some other stuff.  I’ll show you all when I get back – which is TOMORROW!

We had Papa John’s for dinner last night.  The pizza was good. The garlic sauce was different.  It just tasted different.  I like it better at home.

Today we went back to Shamian Island to buy more stuff.  We’re shopping pigs.  My favorite thing I bought today was a sequin hat at a shop next to my hotel.  It is hot pink and beautiful!

Shamian Island has lots of statues!




This afternoon we rode in a van to Hong Kong.  I thought I was going to puke because it was bumpy and stopping/going and stuff and the van wasn’t air conditioned enough.  I was overheated.  I had to pull out my new fan to use to get me cooled down.  I felt so good when we made it to the hotel.  I was amazed.  I thought we were never going to be here.

This is me asleep on the bad van ride. Your pillow was very comfortable, Ms. Fran! Do you like my hat?!

Last sleep in China!

Waiting on the plane

Goodbye, China!


Tomorrow morning we fly home.  I’ve had an excellent time here!  I’m so glad I came with Mom and Dad.  I’m happy to go home though.  Here are some things I won’t miss about China:

  • The food
  • Rude people pushing
  • Squatty potties
  • Small hotel rooms
  • Crazy Chinese driving

Overall though, I feel that this China trip was a good experience.  I learned a lot about my birth country.  I think I’ll come back to China one day, and Vietnam too so that we can visit where Ella is from.


What I’ve Been Up To



Monday morning we took Kate back to the medical clinic.  She started crying because she knew where she was.  She had to get an x-ray.  The x-ray showed she was o.k.

On Monday night, we went on the Pearl River Cruise.  It was fun.  It rained on us though.  I saw the second biggest tower in the world, and it was all lit up.  I could see the elevators going up and down in the tower.  There was a magician on the boat too.


A little (or a lot) windy on the deck!

Tuesday morning we went to the Guangzhou zoo!  It was hot and fun.  We got to feed the giraffes.  It was very, very cool.  When the giraffes saw me with leaves, they stuck out their really long tongues. They would only eat the leaves and drop the sticks out of their mouths.



Tonight we went to The Garden Hotel to meet up with the Nichols family.  We had dinner with them.  It was Mexican and good!  I was happy to see them.

Good night from Guangzhou!

Tour Fun


We went to a Buddhist temple today.  It was stinky.  It smelled like fire.  I wanted to go up into the pagoda, but it was leaning and we weren’t allowed to go up.  I couldn’t tell that it was leaning, but that’s what Grace (our guide) said.  

We went to the Folk Art Museum next.  I was looking for a golden rooster, but I couldn’t find it.  I did like the museum though.  I saw a cute bracelet in the gift shop there, but I decided not to buy it.  I’m saving my money for a fan, a Chinese bracelet, and something else.

We went to the Arts/Crafts Market.  There were lots of breakables there.  I saw a very cute feathery pink fan.  

We ate with our group tonight at a Chinese restaurant.  I’d rank it average.  That’s out of average, good, poor, and excellent.  

I swam after dinner.  That’s it!

Kate is as cute as can be and still likes me, and me only.  I held her in the swimming pool!  

Hello, Guangzhou!


Last night we left Nanning to go to Guangzhou.  Our flight was delayed 2 ½ hours, and it was very hot in the airport.  Kate was crying.  We had had no dinner and were very hungry.  There was no restaurant there.  We had to eat strawberry Oreos from the gift shop in the airport for dinner.  It was just about the only American food there.  The flight was good.  We didn’t get in our hotel room until 12:07 a.m.

Bella June and JD are not staying at our hotel now.  😦

This morning, we went to the doctor’s office with Kate.  She cried.  She was scared of shots.  She had to get a TB skin test and really cried!  We saw Bella June and JD while we were there.

This afternoon we went to McDonald’s and shopping for souvenirs.  We also went to the park.  

P.S.  Here is another interesting fact:  McDonald’s in China delivers food on bicycle!

More from Nanning


Today we went to another park.  Dad bought us popsicles.  We fed the fish.  The fish were fighting over the food and got us wet!

Can you see the sweat dripping from my forehead?

Wet! Wet! Wet!

This is us eating chicken from KFC. Peace out! 🙂

This afternoon, I swam with JD.  We had mostly American foods today.  There is a Pizza Hut and a KFC near our hotel.  We had pizza for lunch and chicken for dinner.  Mom and I had a hard time ordering at KFC.  They didn’t understand what we wanted.  Pizza Hut, KFC, and McDonalds are pretty much the only American restaurants in China.

I really enjoy the breakfast buffet at our hotel.  Every morning I order a pancake and put syrup, whipped cream, and chocolate chips on it.  They make me real hot chocolate in a little pot and bring it to my table.  After that, I eat fruit and then have my breakfast dessert – ice cream!!!  I’m not kidding!  It’s good!

All of the ice cream was yummy except the purple. The purple one was made of taro fruit. YUCK! I thought purple would be cotton candy.

Today is Halloween in China.  No kids dress up, and there’s no candy.  Families eat duck for Halloween.  There were duck legs on the breakfast buffet today!  I didn’t eat those.

Kate is still cute!  🙂  She hasn’t changed except she’s happier!

A Day at the Park


Today we went to The People’s Park of Nanning.  We watched people dance in the park.  There were people doing sword routines. They taught me how to hold the sword.

There were rides at the park, and we rode a lot.  There was a spinning roller coaster that was fun.  JD and I rode it twice.  There was a huge spinning thing too that spun us everywhere.  I’ve never seen a ride like that in the United States.  We rode the swings.  I rode a little train ride, the carousel, and a little airplane ride with Kate.  She loved it!

The roller coaster was FUN!

This is the crazy ride! It was oodles of fun!!!

It was CRAZY! I couldn’t hold on!

When we left the park, we saw jazz and hip hop dancing.  There were people playing violins and a man playing “Jingle Bells” for my mom on an accordion.

I couldn’t practice violin in China, but I did listen to these men play. It was cool!

On the way back to the hotel, we picked up McDonald’s.  I got a Happy Meal.  It was pretty much like the ones in the US.  Kate liked my fries.  Even though she had her own, she kept eating mine.  I was surprised that she didn’t eat my chicken McNuggets too!

I sang Twinkle Twinkle to Kate and she kind of sang along!  It was cute!  Mom videotaped us singing together.  She is doing better today. She hasn’t cried much for her foster mother today.  I think she likes us, but she likes me the most!

Kate Day


We left Hong Kong on Sunday.  We haven’t been able to blog since then, but my aunt, Beth, is helping me by posting my messages.  I can’t post pictures right now, but will catch up on that later.

We flew to Nanning, China from Hong Kong Sunday.  We had to come here to get Kate.  Our Gotcha Day for Kate was Monday.

When I first saw Kate, she was crying because she missed her foster mother.  I played in a sticker book with her to try to make her feel better.  She is really cute.  I’m glad she is my new sister.  We Skyped Ella so that she could meet Kate.

Here are some things to know about Kate:

  • She is cute.
  • She is adorable.
  • She is cute and adorable.
  • When she talks to people, she is quiet; but when she is in our hotel room she talks up a storm.  I don’t know what she’s saying.  I don’t speak Chinese anymore.
  • She is funny.
  • She has a repaired club foot.
  • She likes stickers, coloring, and me.
  • She only likes me.

Mom and me waiting for 3:00!

Kate and me playing with stickers

Loving on Daddy!